Welcome to Bella and Max! We are a Children’s Boutique and Hair Salon located in Bothell, Washington.  When I opened Bella and Max in 2006, I chose the name Bella (after my daughter) and Max (our cat) with a dream to combine a Children’s Boutique with a Hair Salon.  Since opening over six years ago we have gone through many different changes.  We have moved our focus to more of the salon than the high-end, expensive clothes we used to focus on.  We change as our clients change.

Currently I am a mother of two amazing girls and although exhausted I try to keep up with a hectic family life and an ever-changing business life.  I am currently enrolled in Cosmetology School and should graduate in May.  We will take Bella and Max to the next level, offering a full service menu.

I hope that as you read my blog (it isn’t always about business) you will find that I am not just the owner of a shop, but a woman who thinks about things and that I know life is a work in progress and I hope when you read you know that I know that.  I blog when I have something to say, so sorry if I offend you, make you laugh or keep you indifferent. I tend to run a little bit unfiltered sometimes.

We are currently getting ready to make some big changes to our shop and you will have to stay tuned for updates on that.

Leave a comment, we love feedback!

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