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Locks of Love Donation

Getting ready for Locks of Love Donation

This little girl was SO sweet! She was a walk-in on Saturday and she wanted to keep her Rupunzel hair and just get a trim.  Her mom had done some owrk with St. Jude’s Hospital and explained to her that if she agreed to cut her hair ten inches a child with Lukemia would get hair.  So, she agreed.  At first she was sad that she had cut so much hair off.  She went with her mom and sister to have a snack and come back for her sister, Camilla’s haircut and she was super happy.  She is just awesome and has done such a great thing for a little girl or boy.  She had thick, thick hair..

 Call us anytime about Locks of Love.  You have to give ten inches of hair minimum, but it its totally worth hit.  A little boy or girl is going to be very lucky to get Isabella’s hair!

Isabella, job well done!