I have an iPhone and an iPad… which by the way I only received in February, which made me just outside the line of returning for the new iPad 2.  Why don’t they tell you these things before you order them?!?! I mean at least then I could have decided to maybe… oh wait a few weeks since I use a lot of the photo functions on my iPhone for my store and we use the iPad as total store scheduling backup.

OK, that is not my point this morning.  My point is… the iPad and the iPhone crash and lock up on me all the time AND my phone puts people on hold randomly, drops calls and butt dials people non-stop.  So when the iPad wouldn’t turn back on that was a big problem (I can deal with some butt dialing here and there but the iPad not turning on, not so much).  So I got my appointment at the “genius bar” (and I LOVE the fact that their business cards actually have their name and title as genius!).  So once I got there, luckily I am close to a mac store, I felt far from genius.

He plugged in my iPad and low and behold, I had no ram.  What? I just got the thing? SO people, there is a trick to ALL iPhones and iPads that if you have a current (or somewhat current) update you wouldn’t know unless you are a person that reads all the instructions, which I am not.  It turns out that every app, every icon you press on and look at continues to run invisibly on your ram, sucking out the battery life, speed and quality of your loading on your device.  Yup, I had no idea and maybe you don’t either.

So in order to get rid of these battery sucking, ram eating apps you have to do just a few simple steps and all will be well. 

Click the round button twice on the bottom of your device. A “task bar” of sorts pops up on the bottom of your screen and you can scroll to the right and keep scrolling to see all the apps you have open and running. In my case… because I have kids that play a bazillion games on my phone and iPad, I had about 50 of the stupid things running in the background.  Hold one of them down for a few seconds and they will start to jiggle around and there mill be a red minus sign in the upper left corner…. hit them all, sadly one at a time.  It doesn’t remove them for good, it just takes them out of the task bar and frees up all kinds of ram and stops them from running in the background, giving you more memory and most important on these particular devices battery life.

I’ve just done my good deed for the day. YAY!